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The Ray T. Foundation

The Ray T. Beacon of Light AMPS Foundation is a nonprofit organization

founded in memory of Raven T. Jeffress.


Raven's Dream

Raven had dreams of becoming a Psychologist and contributing to mental health research to improve humans suffering from mental health disorders. She was also a Co-Founder of A.M.P.S., where she worked with her peers to create an organization to do amazing community work. Raven ultimately aspired to create a community and worship wellness center, and ultimately change the world.


Our goal for this Foundation is to continue Raven's community work, and also provide an annual scholarship for a student attending

Georgia State University, majoring in the Mental, Physical, or Spiritual Health field. 

Graduation Ceremony
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Community Showcase

Each year this Foundation plans to host a community showcase and competition for spoken word, musicians, and young aspiring artists.

Judges will select a cash prize winner in efforts to continuously support young thriving artistic careers.

Music Performer
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Raven's Spirit

"When I first met Raven she hugged me like she had known me for a lifetime. At first I thought, “I think she think I’m somebody else,” but after watching her organize and lead A.M.P.S. events and discuss what true wellness is, I now know that that was just the kind of person she was.

Outgoing, motivating, welcoming, and positive."

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